What should I do if I stated a task with mistake

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Sure! Here's a troubleshooting guideline for and reverting it using our app:

1. Close the Progress Modal:

   If you realize that you have edited a product field with the wrong value, the first step is to close the progress modal in our Shopify app.  Or you can go to the next if the task already completed.

2. Go to the History Page:

   Navigate to the history page within your Shopify app. This page should provide a log of all the bulk editing tasks that have been performed.

3. Identify the Wrong Task:

   Look through the list of tasks on the history page and identify the specific task that contains the incorrect product field value. It may be helpful to use filters or search options if available to narrow down the list.

4. Stop the Task:

   Once you have identified the task with the wrong value, find the option to stop or cancel the task. This will prevent the task from completing and applying the incorrect value to the product.

5. Revert the Field Value:

   After stopping the task, you need to revert the field value back to its original state. Locate the revert option associated with the task and select it. This should restore the product field to its previous value before the incorrect edit was made.

6. Verify the Reverted Value:

   Once the field value has been reverted, double-check to ensure that it has been restored correctly. You can do this by reviewing the product details or using the search functionality within your Shopify app to locate the specific product.

7. Repeat the Edit if Necessary:

   If you still need to make changes to the product field, you can repeat the edit process using the correct values. Make sure to double-check the values before initiating the bulk editing task to avoid any further issues.

8. Contact Support if Needed:

   If you encounter any difficulties or if the issue persists, don't hesitate to reach out to the app developer's support team for further assistance. They will be able to provide you with additional guidance and troubleshoot any underlying issues that may have caused the incorrect value to be applied.

Remember to provide clear instructions and screenshots specific to your Shopify app's user interface in the troubleshooting guideline. This will ensure that your clients can easily follow the steps to close the progress modal, navigate to the history page, stop the task, and revert the incorrect product field value.

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