Why my edit task failed and what can I do when task failed

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Here's a troubleshooting guideline for when an edit task fails due to Shopify being down for a few hours. 

This guideline will help your clients retry the task once the platform is back online:

1. Check Shopify Status:

   When you encounter an edit task failure, the first step is to check the status of the Shopify platform. Visit the Shopify Status page (status.shopify.com) or check Shopify down? Check current status | Downdetector to confirm if there is an ongoing issue or if the platform is experiencing downtime.

2. Wait for Shopify to Resume Normal Operation:

   If Shopify is down or experiencing issues, it's essential to wait until the platform resumes normal operation. This might take a few hours or longer, depending on the severity of the issue.

3. Go to the History Page:

   Once you've confirmed that Shopify is back online, navigate to the history page within your Shopify app. This page should display a log of all the bulk editing tasks that have been performed.

4. Identify the Failed Task:

   Look through the list of tasks on the history page and identify the specific task that failed due to Shopify downtime. It may be helpful to use filters or search options if available to locate the failed task quickly.

5. Retry the Task:

   Once you've located the failed task, find the option to retry or resubmit the task. This option should allow you to reinitiate the edit with the correct parameters.

6. Monitor the Task's Progress:

   After retrying the task, monitor its progress to ensure that it completes successfully. Keep an eye on any notifications or progress indicators provided by your Shopify app to track the task's status.

7. Verify the Changes:

   Once the task has completed, verify that the desired changes have been applied correctly. Review the product details or use the search functionality within your Shopify app to locate the specific product and confirm that the edits were successful.

8. Contact Support if Needed:

   If you continue to experience issues or encounter difficulties even after Shopify has resumed normal operation, don't hesitate to contact the app developer's support team for further assistance. They can provide additional guidance and help troubleshoot any underlying issues that may have caused the task failure.

When writing the troubleshooting guideline, be sure to include screenshots or specific instructions tailored to your Shopify app's user interface. This will help your clients easily navigate to the history page, locate the failed task, and retry it once Shopify is back online.

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