How to Use Recurring Edit in Astra Bulk Product Editor

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How to Use Recurring Edit in Astra Bulk Product Editor

The Recurring Edit feature in Astra Bulk Product Editor empowers you to schedule batch editing tasks for your products at specific intervals, enabling streamlined and automated updates for various purposes. Whether you're planning to launch promotional events or perform routine SEO checks, this feature simplifies these tasks by allowing you to set scheduled edits on a weekly or monthly basis.

Getting Started with Recurring Edit

  1. Accessing Recurring Edit:

    • Log in to your Shopifiy store account.
    • Navigate to the Astra Product Editor app and click Bulk Edit nav.

Setting Up a Recurring Edit Task

  1. Selecting Products:

    • Specify the products you want to include in this recurring edit task. You can choose specific categories, tags, or individual products.
  2. Defining Editing Actions:

    • Determine the editing actions you wish to perform on the selected products. This could involve adjusting prices, updating descriptions, modifying SEO-related fields, or any other changes needed.
  3. Configuring Parameters:

    • Set up the specific parameters for each action. For instance, if you're adjusting prices, input the new prices or percentage changes.
  4. Scheduling Recurrence:

    • Choose the start date and time for the recurring edits.
    • Select the frequency (weekly or monthly) and set the preferred days or dates for the edits to occur.
  5. Review and Save:

    • Review all the configured settings to ensure accuracy.
    • Click on "Recurring edit" to activate the recurring edit schedule.

Managing Recurring Edit Tasks

  1. Viewing Existing Tasks:

    • Access the "Recurring Edit" tab to see a list of all active and scheduled tasks.
  2. Editing or Deleting Tasks:

    • To make changes or delete a task, select the respective task from the list.
    • Edit the parameters or choose to delete the task altogether.

Tips for Effective Use

  Setup auto revert: if you setup a recurring edit to decrease price and does not enable the auto revert, the price will be decrease event time.

  • Regular Review: Periodically review your recurring edit tasks to ensure they align with your current strategies and requirements.
  • Testing Phase: Before setting up long-term recurring edits, perform a test run to verify that the changes are accurate and meet your expectations.
  • Monitoring Performance: Keep an eye on the performance of products after edits to assess the impact and make necessary adjustments.

The Recurring Edit feature in Astra Bulk Product Editor simplifies your workflow by automating routine editing tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your e-commerce business.

Should you need further assistance or encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to our support team for help.

Happy editing!

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