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Here's an explanation of the product fields : price, SEO title, SEO description, and product status:


The price field represents the cost at which you sell your products. It is the amount your customers will pay to purchase each item. In your app, you can edit the price field in bulk, allowing you to update the prices of multiple products simultaneously. This feature is useful when you want to adjust prices due to sales, promotions, or changes in supplier costs.

SEO Meta Title


The SEO title field refers to the title or headline that appears in search engine results when people search for your products. It is an important element for optimizing your product's visibility in search engines like Google. With your app, you can edit the SEO title field in bulk, enabling you to modify the titles of multiple products at once. This feature is helpful when you want to enhance your product's search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

SEO Meta Description

The SEO Meta description field contains a brief description or summary of your product's content. This description appears below the SEO title in search engine results and helps users understand what your product offers. Editing the SEO description field in bulk through your app allows you to update the descriptions of multiple products simultaneously. This functionality is beneficial for optimizing your product's search engine visibility and improving click-through rates.

Product Status

The product status field indicates the current state or availability of a product in your Shopify store. It typically includes options like "Active," "Archived," or "Draft." By editing the product status field in bulk using your app, you can quickly change the availability of multiple products at once. This capability is useful when you want to temporarily remove or hide products from your store, or when you want to reactivate previously archived products.

Inventory Quantity

The inventory quantity field represents the number of units or items you have in stock for a particular product. It indicates the quantity available for purchase by customers. By specifying the inventory quantity for each product, you can keep track of your stock levels and ensure that you have sufficient inventory to fulfill orders.

These fields are essential for managing and optimizing your product listings on Shopify. By utilizing your app's bulk editing functionality, you can efficiently modify these fields across multiple products, saving time and effort in managing your store.

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